Jul 17, 2009

Rind Pattern

Interesting rind pattern - we are calling it "Leopard" for now.

May 14, 2009

Watermelon Crosses

Our greenhouse is up and running and the watermelons are growing at a rapid speed. We have started making some crosses. Most of these crosses are between Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus and C. lanatus var. citroides.

Feb 12, 2009

Greenhouse Facilities

Researchers and students of this group have space assigned in new state of the art greenhouses.

The Laboratory

The lab is newly renovated and situated in Rooms 1401 and 1401A in the Miller Plant Sciences Building on the UGA main campus in Athens. We are still in the process of adding equipment, but the lab is now fully functional.
Dec 2008
Febr 2009
Febr 2009

Prospective Students

Depending on the topic of study and funding source, students have a choice of obtaining a degree from the Department of Horticulture or the Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics & Genomics.
Please note that these entities have different admission criteria, procedures and requirements for obtaining your degree. Please make sure you follow the appropriate procedures and deadlines.

2013 Update: We encourage students who are interested in persuing their graduate studies in our program to arrange visits to our facilities and/or try to speak to Dr. McGregor in person at conferences and meetings. Graduate assistanships are available for exceptional applicants interested in the application of molecular markers in watermelon breeding.

Graduate Assistantships

Currently one Graduate Assistantship is available to work in our group for a PhD student starting Spring 2010 (January 2010). Experience and an interest in Statistics, Bioinformatics, Plant Pathology and Molecular Biology/Genetics is highly desirable.
Prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr. McGregor to discuss mutual interests and possible research topics. As part of the selection process you will be expected to undergo and in-person or online interview.

Lab Members

Updated: Summer 2019
Cecilia McGregor (Principle Investigator)

Winnie Gimode (PhD Student: 2016 to present)

Jorge Reyes (PhD Student: 2017 to present)

Lincoln Adams (MS Student: 2018 to present)

Samuel Manthi (PhD student: 2019 to present)

Jesse Kuzy (Research Technician: 2018 to present)

Undergraduate Students 
Ingrid Brindle (2017 - present)
Jarrod Smith (2017 - present)
Taylor Combs (2018 - present)

Lillianna Mulvey (2018 - present)
Simon Marcus (Summer 2019)
Erin Gantt (Summer 2019)
Previous Lab Members: 
Reeve Legendre (PhD Student: 2015 to 2018)
Leigh Ann Fall (M.S., Graduated Dec 2017)
Lucky Paudel  (M.S., Graduated Aug 2018)
Suzanne Stone (Ph.D., Advisor Dr. Boyhan, graduated May 2017) 
Alex Rajewski (M.S., Advisor Dr. Zhang, graduated 2015)
Geoffrey Meru (Ph.D., graduated Dec 2014)
Katie Sandlin (M.S., graduated 2009)
Jason Prothro (M.S., graduated 2009)
Yihua Chen (Research Technician, 2013-2017) 
Vickie Waters (Research Technician, 2009-2013)
Ayse Topco (Research Assistant: 2018)
Marin Lonnee (CAES Young Scholar, 2018)
Amaja Andrews (CAES Young Scholar, 2017)
Phyllicia Thomas (CAES Young Scholar, 2015)
Angela Hulsey (CAES Young Scholar, 2012)
Darrica McDowell (CAES Young Scholar, 2011) 

Kristin Adams (Undergraduate)
Jeffrey Arner (Undergraduate)
Ruqayah Bhuiyan (Undergraduate)
Emma Casper (Summer 2018)
Jackie Do (Summer 2018)
Graf Exum (Undergraduate)
Will Groover (Undergraduate)
Dalton Haden (Undergraduate)
Will Hembree (Undergraduate)
Will Hemphill (Undergraduate)
Katie Koester (Undergraduate)
Jacob Langley (Undergraduate)
Cristie Le (Summer 2018)
Sam Lopez (Summer 2018)
Eric Malaney (Undergraduatet)
Dusty Martin (Undergraduate)
Ben McInnes (Undergraduate)
Josh Mickey (Undergraduate) 
Jessica Norton (Undergraduate)
Daniel Powell (Undergraduate)
Allen Ray (Undergraduate)
Jeremy Ray (Undergraduate)
Angela Riveiro (Undergraduate)
Ethan Roberson (Undergraduate)
Angela Seibel (Undergraduate)
Chase Sherwood (Undergraduate)
Maria Thompson (Undergraduate)
Rebecca Wialliamson (Summer 2018)
Jean Yost (Undergraduate)
Grace Yu (Undergraduate)