Dec 21, 2016

1st Annual Watermelon Research @ UGA Symposium

UGA watermelon researchers and graduate students met on the Athens campus to discuss their research, grower needs, future research priorities, collaborations, and funding ideas.

Sep 3, 2016

Talking Watermelon

Conversation with Dr. Kevin Folta about Watermelon on his Talking Biotech Podcast.

049 Watermelons

Aug 16, 2016

The End of Summer Harvest

The end of our  2016 watermelon field season. We survived!

From left to right: Leigh Ann Fall, Winnie Gimode, Daniel Powell, Reeve Legendre and Yihua Chen.

Mar 23, 2016

New Graduate Student - Winnie Gimode

Winnie Gimode joined our group in Spring 2016. Winnie is pursuing her PhD and will be working on gummy stem blight resistance and flowering time in watermelon. Welcome Winnie!

From Left to right: Suzanne Stone (P.hD student); Dr. Yihua Chen (Research technician); Winnie Gimode (P.hD student), Dr. Cecilia McGregor (Principal Investigator), Leigh Ann Fall (M.S. Student), and Reeve Legendre (Ph.D student).

Watermelon Seed Extraction and Storage

Will Hemphill, an Undergraduate student worker in our laboratory made this video abut manual watermelon seed extraction and storage. Good Job Will!