May 30, 2019

Baby Benjamin Gimode

Congratulations to Winnie and Davis on the birth of their son Benjamin Adili Gimode on May 17th 2019. 

May 5, 2019

Winnie shines in CAES Brodus Browne competition

Winnie Gimode was awarded the second place (Ph.D.) in the 2019 E. Broadus Browne Awards for Outstanding Graduate Research. The Broadus Browne awards are meant to encourage research creativity and effective communication among the more than 500 graduate students in the  UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The awards was presented at the 2019 Awards and Leadership Banquet on April 30th at the Georgia Center.

Dr. Allen Moore (CAES Associate Dean for Research), Winnie Gimode (2nd Ph.D.), Ruby Harrison (1st Ph.D.) and Dr. Josef Broder (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs).

Dr, Tim Smalley (Acting Dept Head - Horticulture), Winnie Gimode (2nd Ph.D), Will Hemphill (2nd M.S.), Mary Lewis (1st M.S), and Dr. Cecilia McGregor