Jun 20, 2023

Post Doctoral Associate position available

 The Cucurbit Breeding, Genetics and Genomics lab (https://mcgregorlab.uga.edu/) at the University of Georgia (Athens) searches for an energetic and creative postdoc.  The applicant will participate in cucurbit breeding and genetics for resistance to whitefly transmitted viruses as part of a team of molecular biologists, plant pathologists, entomologists and extension faculty in the southeastern USA. The applicant will work on identifying resistance loci and genes, functional analysis of candidate genes, and introgression of resistance into elite material. 


 Preferred Qualifications

·    Ph.D. in plant breeding, plant pathology, molecular genetics, genomics or other relevant field, and

·    An interest and experience in collaborative research. 

·    Proven experience with genomics, bioinformatics and gene-editing is strongly preferred.

·    An ability to work under supervision of, and with people of different cultural backgrounds is essential.


Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

·    Conduct research to identify and introgress whitefly transmitted disease resistance loci into cucurbits.

·    Supervise undergraduate students.

·    Contribute to the overall cucurbit breeding program.

·    Additional duties as assigned.


Interested parties should submit their application at UGA Jobs  (https://www.ugajobsearch.com/postings/324561).

Jun 13, 2023

Gummy Stem Blight Field Trial

We introgressed gummy stem blight (GSB) resistance loci from C. amarus, a crop wild relative of watermelon. This year we are evaluating these lines in the field!

First we grow a lot op plates of Stagonosporopsis citrulli, the main causal agent of GSB in Georgia. 

We then use a CO2 sprayer to spray the spores on the plants. 

We also installed a mist system to ensure the leaf surfaces stay wet to encourage spore germination.